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Jake R.

New York, NY

These are way better than my tubed toothpaste. Still functions the same but my mouth feels fresher afterward.

Josh E.

Dallas, Texas

Love this product. The refillable container is easy and convenient. Smells great, lasts all day.

Brecht V.

Los Angeles, California

This is the best body lotion I have used. Light, smooth, and my skin is hydrated through the day. 🏆

Erik E.

Austin, Texas

Honestly, this is legit. It smells great, I'm a 2 shower a day guy, after gym and after work, this stuff is solid...happy to see Ombre finally launch their site! 🙌

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Ombré Athletes

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso is a World Champion Formula 1 Driver, currently driving for Aston Martin. Fernando is the first driver to have been inducted into the FIA Hall of Fame twice and one of six drivers to record 100 podiums.

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Ombré Men

Ombré Men is a premium leading care solution designed to cater to your needs. We deliver our products straight to your doorstep, right when you need them. We create proprietary plant-based formulations with natural and effective ingredients, each packed with its unique benefits. Our brand ethos is built on sustainability, ingredient efficacy, product design, and giving back. Each product is doctor-formulated and clinically tested to ensure you get the best experience.

Founded by Justin Tarin and Aron Marquez in 2021 with a mission to revolutionize men's personal care. Our line of products is free from harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic aromas. We stand for quality, and our products are pH balanced, safe, and effective, with no compromise on quality. Our line is available in a subscription-based model, allowing you to receive products regularly and at your convenience.

As we continue to grow, our mission remains unchanged - to provide premium, effective, and 100% natural products for men.