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Meet Ombré

Ombré Men is a personal care brand dedicated to natural ingredients, efficacy, and sustainability. Our doctor-formulated and tested products are free from harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and synthetic aroma. Our team of doctors and estheticians has developed 100% proprietary, natural formulations using the cleanest and most effective ingredients. Each product offers unique benefits tailored to enhance personal care routines.

The idea for Ombré Men was born out of a need for clean, effective products tailored for men. We set out to reimagine the perfect essentials for a simple and effective routine.

Founded by Justin Tarin and Aron Marquez, our mission is to revolutionize personal care and grooming. As we continue to grow, our commitment remains the same - to provide premium, effective, and 100% natural products for consumers.

What we stand for



We aim to keep components plastic-free, the small amount of plastic we do utilize will be made from recycled plastic only and is fully recyclable.

100% Natural

100% nature-derived ingredients that are safe for all skin types. No chemicals, synthetics, fake aromas, just the best nature has to offer.

giving back

Engage in carbon offsetting initiatives, like investing in reforestation projects (Mast Reforestation) to balance out the carbon footprint of our operations. We are also a part of Shopify Planet Program.